How to remove virus from Macbook Air

How to remove virus from Macbook Air? (Quick Guide 2023)

A computer virus is a harmful kind of software, known as malware, which moves from one computer to another and harms data and software. “Malware” means different kinds of computer troubles, not just viruses that copy themselves. Malware is dangerous and harmful software that can get into our computers when we open bad files, or emails, visit fake websites, or download things. It’s not good for both Macs and Windows PCs. 

Macs can also get tricky download helpers, spying programs, ransom scares, and other bad things such as malware. And it also sometimes leaks the person’s personal information.  So to get rid of viruses on Macbook Air, I write this article for you. To solve your problem of the Macbook Air virus. By reading this article you will get to know how to remove viruses on Macbook Air.

How to remove virus from Macbook Air

How do I know my Macbook has a virus?

These are the steps through which we can know that our Macbook has a virus:

  • It becomes slow and feels like something is using up too much of its power.
  • I just noticed a new toolbar in my web browser, and I didn’t put it there. It says it’s supposed to help me with searching and shopping.
  • My searches take me to strange websites or fake versions of my normal search results.
  • Ads start showing up in places where they shouldn’t be, even on pages without ads.
  • We get taken to spammy ads on websites we normally visit.
  • Pop-up ads appear on my screen, even when I am not using the internet.
  • My Mac starts behaving strangely, going to places it’s not supposed to.
  • We see more ads and pop-ups than normal days, which could be because of adware.
  • Apps I didn’t install show up on my Mac.
  • Alerts about security show up without doing anything, which could be a sign of malware

How to get rid of the virus on Macbook Air?

Here are some steps through which we can remove viruses from Macbook Air:

  1. Stay offline: First of all, what we need to do in this situation is to disconnect the internet to stop spreading the virus further. 
  2. Safe Mode: Then boot the Mac in Safe Mode, which stops the virus from launching at startup. 
  3. Check Suspicious Apps: Open Activity Monitor and close any suspicious apps that are using too much power.
  4. Use Malware Scanner: Download a trusted malware scanner, different from the current antivirus, to find and remove the virus.
  5. Browser Check:  We just Make sure the browser’s homepage and extensions are safe to avoid re-infection.
  6. Clear Cache: We should remove any leftover virus files by clearing our browser’s memory storage, known as the cache.
  7. Uninstall Suspicious Apps: We should Get rid of unfamiliar or suspicious apps from the Mac.
  8. Manage Login Items: We should Disable unnecessary startup items related to the virus.
  9. Update macOS: We must keep our Mac’s operating system up to date with the latest security fixes.
  10. Antivirus Software: Consider using respected antivirus software like TotalAV to effectively find and remove viruses.

But you should keep in mind that the best way to solve the virus problem is to use antivirus software. 


In conclusion, if we want to Macbook Air work well and our information safe, it’s really important to protect it from viruses. These bad programs can get in through emails or fake websites. If my Mac starts acting slow or strange, it surely has a virus. To remove the virus, we should turn off the internet, start in Safe Mode, and use a special program to scan for viruses. And all Mac users remember to update the Mac regularly and be careful online. Using antivirus software is a smart way to protect Mac and the data we have on it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If we want to remove viruses from our Macbook Air, there are some good options. CleanMyMac X keeps us safe in real-time, Avira Free Security has important features, and Norton 360 offers strong protection. Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is awesome for Mac-related problems, while Avast Security and Malwarebytes are great at stopping threats. Eset Cyber Security and BitDefender are also trustworthy choices. Just choose the one that works best to clean up viruses and keep the Macbook Air safe.

The Macbook Air has a built-in antivirus tool called XProtect in macOS. It uses signature-based detection to find and remove malware by recognizing patterns linked to known malicious software. This gives the Mac an added layer of security, actively scanning and dealing with harmful software that could attempt to harm the system.

Gatekeeper is a protective feature in macOS that keeps our Mac safe from harmful software. Its main function is to stop us from installing apps that haven’t been checked by Apple. By default, the Mac only lets us install apps from places like the App Store and trusted developers. This helps keep the Mac and their information secure.

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