How to edit videos on macbook air

How to edit videos on macbook air? (Quick Guide 2023)

In today’s digital world, videos are a big part of our lives, and for on-the-go video editing, many people choose the MacBook Air because it’s light and runs on the powerful Apple M1 chip. Even though video editing might seem tricky in 2021, it’s cool to think that digital editing only started in 1985. Before that, editing was super technical, like cutting and taping film together. Now, Macs, whether it’s a MacBook Air, Pro, iMac, or Mac Mini, are great for video editing.

If you are here that means you have a difficult to edit video on Macbook Air. But don’t worry, I especially wrote this article for those people who find it difficult to edit videos on Mac. Through this article, you will find a way to edit videos on Mac. 

How to edit videos on macbook air?

How could we edit videos on Macbook Air?

I will show you some steps by using it you can easily edit videos on your Macbook Air.

First, I’ll start with the basics:

Trimming and Basic Edits:

I’ll use the built-in Photos app.

I’ll adjust the start and stop times of the video.

After making edits, I’ll save the video.

If I want more advanced editing options:

I’ll Use Third-Party Software:

I’ll explore third-party video editing apps.

Recommended software options are:

I’ll consider PowerDirector 365, VideoPad, or WeVideo.

Before choosing software, I’ll keep a few things in mind about choosing software:

I’ll select software that matches my skill level.

I’ll make sure it’s compatible with my MacBook Air.

I’ll decide on a budget or use free trials.

For more advanced editing (optional):

Editing with Filmora:

I’ll install Filmora.

I’ll create a project, import media, and export my edited videos.

For basic editing using built-in tools:

Editing with iMovie:

I’ll use iMovie.

I’ll import, edit, and export clips all within iMovie.

For simple editing tasks:

Editing with QuickTime:

I’ll use QuickTime to trim and rotate videos.

Now, I can choose the editing method that suits my needs and my skill level on my MacBook Air.”


In this article, you’ve learned how to edit videos on a MacBook Air, which is a great tool for this creative task. You can use the Photos app for easy edits or try fancier software like PowerDirector 365 or iMovie for bigger projects, depending on what you’re comfortable with. Once you start practicing video editing-editing videos on a MacBook Air can be a fun thing to do in today’s digital world. So, let’s be creative and explore the video editing world with confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Unless we use an emulator, macOS only works with Apple software. While some video editing tools work on both macOS and Windows, choosing the macOS option usually means paying more. Apple tends to keep its processes private and prefers to keep everything within its own ecosystem whenever possible.

We’ve got a helpful tool called iMovie on our Macs. It’s totally free and comes with your Mac right from the start. iMovie is super easy to use and has all the audio and editing stuff you need to make your videos look pro, and you don’t have to pay a thing. So, if you’re just starting with video editing, iMovie is one of the best free options for us Mac users.

The MacBook Air can handle some tasks, but we see it having a hard time and taking longer for important jobs. Remember, if you’re really into regular 4K video editing, the MacBook Air might not be the best choice.

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