How to edit a pdf on a macbook air

How to edit a pdf on a macbook air? (Quick Guide 2023)

When we’re using our Mac, we often need to work with PDFs, whether it’s for personal things like work, or school assignments. The good news is, that there are quite a few ways to do it, and I’m here to make it easy for you. You see, PDFs are those everyday file types we all come across, but sometimes, changing things on a file or adding signatures can be a bit tricky. 

Luckily, on our Mac, we’ve got some useful built-in options, by using these we can easily change things on PDF without spending a single penny. This software is very affordable and it offers some cool advanced features. So, in this article, I’ll guide you step by step on how to edit PDFs on Mac using these tools. 

In which ways we can edit a PDF on Macbook Air?

There are some possible ways to follow through which we can edit a PDF on Macbook Air without any struggle:

By Using Adobe Acrobat Online Services:

  • I’ll open a web browser and go to Adobe Acrobat online services.
  • I’ll click the “Select a file” button.
  • Then, I’ll choose a PDF file from my local storage, cloud storage, or Google Drive, or I can simply drag and drop it into the provided area.
  • I’ll sign in with my Adobe account to access the editing tools.
  • After that, I’ll use the available tools to add text, highlight, draw, and make changes to the PDF.
  • To share the edited document, I’ll go to the Share menu and can send it via email or a link.

Editing Text in Preview App:

  • I’ll open the PDF in the Preview app.
  • I’ll select “Tools” and choose “Annotate.”
  • By clicking on the text icon, I’ll place my cursor where I want to add new text and start typing.
  • To change the text’s font, size, and style, I’ll click the text icon again and adjust the settings.

Editing a PDF by Using Quick Look:

  • I’ll locate the PDF I want to edit.
  • Then, I’ll select the PDF and press the spacebar to open it in Quick Look.
  • I’ll click the pencil icon in the top right corner to access editing tools.
  • After that, I’ll use the text tool (T icon) to add, edit, or modify text.
  • If needed, I can also add my signature using the Signature icon.

Editing PDFs with PDFelement for Mac:

  • I’ll open PDFelement for Mac.
  • I’ll open the PDF file I want to edit.
  • Then, I’ll click on the “Text” button in the toolbar to enable editing mode.
  • After that, I can modify, move, or add text as needed.
  • Other editing tools and features are available in PDFelement which I can also be used.

Adding Signatures in Preview:

  • I’ll open the PDF in Preview.
  • I’ll click on the signature icon in the toolbar.
  • Then, I’ll choose to create my signature using the trackpad, camera, or an iOS device.
  • I’ll add the signature to the PDF and drag it into position.
  • Then, I’ll save the changes as simple as clicking “Done.”

Adding Comments and Annotations:

  • In Preview, I’ll add comments and annotations by selecting “Tools,” and then “Annotate.”
  • After that, I’ll use tools like highlights, underlines, shapes, and notes to annotate the PDF.
  • To add comments to specific areas, I’ll use Nitro PDF Pro or other PDF editors with commenting features.

These steps make it easy for you to effectively edit PDFs on your MacBook Air, depending on your preferences and the macOS version you are using.


In conclusion, when we use our MacBook Air, working with PDFs is a common task, whether for personal, work, or academic purposes. Fortunately, Mac offers several built-in options to simplify PDF editing without any cost involved. Adobe Acrobat Online Services provides a web-based solution, while the Preview app, Quick Look, and PDFelement for Mac offer many helpful and flexible tools for text editing, annotations, and even adding signatures. These choices give us the ability to easily handle and change PDFs, making sure our digital documents are just the way we want them to be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Adobe Acrobat Pro is a strong PDF editing tool that comes with easy-to-use features, works on different devices, provides useful annotation tools, and offers extensive editing options.

Yes, we can edit PDFs on our MacBook Air using built-in tools like Preview, which are available for free.

The PDF might be locked with a password, so you can’t make changes to it. Your PDF reader might only allow you to look at the file but not edit it. Sometimes, PDFs are made using old or not-so-great software, which can make editing tricky. Lastly, the software you’re using to edit might be too complicated for what you need to do.

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