How to Download Netflix on Macbook Air? (Quick Guide 2023)

How to Download Netflix on Macbook Air? (Quick Guide 2023)

Netflix is a super popular streaming service used by millions worldwide. Netflix is like a pack of many movies and series, that we can watch on our computer, phone, and tablet. The most remarkable thing about Netflix is we can download films and series to watch for later if we don’t have internet. And there are no annoying ads in it. They can also create their amazing shows like “Stranger Things” and “Money Heist” etc.

You can try it free for a whole month. So if you have not tried Netflix yet! You missing out on something amazing. It is our helpful friend when we are bored. So, if you are a Macbook Air user and want to try Netflix on your Mac but don’t know how you watch movies and shows on Netflix then this article will be really helpful for you.

Can Macbook Air have Netflix?

Unfortunately, we cannot officially get a Macbook Air or any Mac device. Netflix hasn’t made a special app for Macs, and their website doesn’t allow us to download shows. However, if I have a Mac with an Apple Silicon chip, there is a workaround called PlayCover that I can use, but it’s not an official solution.

We should be careful about websites that claim to offer Netflix downloads, but in reality, they contain malware, harmful software, and viruses if we open their download links. Yes, there is indeed no Netflix app for Mac but we can watch it through web browsers like Safari, Chrome, or Edge. I can’t download Netflix shows directly to my Mac, but trying other ways might break Netflix’s rules.

How can we get Netflix on Macbook Air?

Here are some methods through which we can get Netflix on our MacBook Air:

By Use PlayCover (for advanced users)

  • Firstly, I’ll go to the official PlayCover website and download PlayCover.
  • After downloading, I’ll PlayCover by simply dragging it into my Applications folder.
  • Next, I’ll open PlayCover from my Applications folder.
  • To get Netflix, I need a particular Netflix file called IPA, which I’ll download from a trusted source.
  • I then drag this Netflix IPA file into the PlayCover window.
  • PlayCover automatically installed Netflix on my Mac.
  • To watch Netflix, I’ll just double-click the Netflix icon, log in, and enjoy my shows.

By Install Windows on the Mac (Boot Camp or Parallels)

  • I’ll decide to use Boot Camp or Parallels to install Windows 10 on my Mac.
  • Once Windows is set up, I’ll visit the Microsoft Store on Windows and download the Netflix app.
  • I’ll log into my Netflix account within the Windows app.
  • This method will allow me to use Netflix on my Mac while running Windows.

By Stream Netflix Using AirPlay (iOS to Mac)

  • I’ll install AirServer on both my Mac and iOS devices.
  • Then, I’ll make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Using AirPlay, I’ll mirror the Netflix content from my iOS device to my Mac.
  • This way, I can watch Netflix easily on my Mac while using my iOS device.

However, the first method (PlayCover) is a bit advanced and might not provide the best performance as compared to the official Netflix app. Furthermore, you should be careful when downloading files from the internet, and ensure they come from trusted sources. The other methods may require additional software installation or setup.


In the end, while there is no official Netflix app for MacBook Air, there are workarounds available for those who want to enjoy Netflix on their Mac. You can use tricks like PlayCover, set up Windows using Boot Camp or Parallels, or use AirPlay to stream from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. But be careful, these methods might not be as accurate and safe as the official Netflix app, and make sure you only download things from trusted and real sites to stay safe online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Netflix hasn’t made an app for Mac, Windows, or Linux because they worry that people on these computers could easily get into the app’s data and use other software to download and mess around with their movies and shows. This could cause problems with copyrights and make Netflix spend more money to fix it.

It all depends on the Netflix plan I choose. If I go for the Basic plan, I can only watch on one device at a time. If I choose the Standard plan, two devices can watch together. And if I decide to get the Premium plan, I can have up to four devices all streaming Netflix at the same time.

PlayCover is kind of like a cool trick I found for my Mac. It lets me use iPhone and iPad apps, like Netflix, right on my computer. All I have to do is use a special file called IPA, and PlayCover makes it happen. So now, I can watch Netflix on my Mac, just like I do on my phone or tablet. But it is not as safe or legal as the regular Netflix website.

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