How to dim keyboard lights on Macbook Air?

How to dim keyboard lights on Macbook Air? (Quick Guide 2023)

As MacBook users, we have the flexibility to control the brightness of our keyboard backlight to suit our needs. If we have an older MacBook Air, it has special keys just for adjusting the keyboard light. On newer models, we can do it through the Control Center. The backlit keyboard is really handy because it helps us see the keys in the dark, and it’s smart enough to adjust automatically to the light around us. 

This feature is one of the reasons why MacBook keyboards are so popular – they’re comfortable and practical when we’re working on the go. In this article, you will learn how you dim keyboard lights and settings on MacBook Air. Because everyone needs to adjust their keyboard lights according to their needs.

How to dim keyboard lights on Macbook Air?

How could we dim the keyboard lights on the Macbook Air?

To adjust the brightness of our MacBook Air’s keyboard, it all depends on which model we’re using. If we’ve got an older MacBook Air, the one made before Apple switched to its chips, we’re in luck because there are special keys that do the job. These keys are F5 and F6, and they have tiny light icons on them. To make the keyboard less bright, we just press F5, and to make it brighter, we hit F6.

Now, if we’ve got one of the newer Apple Silicon MacBook Airs, those special keys are no longer there. But no need to worry! We can still control the keyboard brightness, and here’s how:

  • We simply click on something called the “Control Center,” which is located on the right side of the top menu bar.
  • Once inside the Control Center, we look for a setting called “Keyboard Brightness.” It might appear as a button or a small icon with a keyboard and some brightness symbols.
  • Next, we click on the brightness slider and move it to the left to make the keyboard less bright or slide it to the right to make it brighter.

And if we can’t find this “Keyboard Brightness” setting in our Control Center, don’t worry at all! We can add it to make it super easy to access:

  • We click on the Apple icon and select “System Preferences.”
  • Inside System Preferences, we find and click on “Control Center.”
  • Then, we can turn on the “Show in Control Center” option for “Keyboard Brightness.” And if we want it even more convenient, we can also enable “Show in Menu Bar.”

With these straightforward steps, we can effortlessly adjust the keyboard brightness on our trusty MacBook Air, regardless of which model we have.


In conclusion, being able to adjust the brightness of the keyword improves our work setup. It doesn’t matter if we use special keys or a control center. The way the keyboard automatically adjusts to the room’s lighting feels like having a helpful companion, making it easy to work late at night. This feature makes MacBook keyboards more comfortable and practical, especially when we’re working on the move. In simple terms, being able to control the keyboard lights might seem like a small thing, but it enhances my enjoyment of using my MacBook.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When we turn on the keyboard backlight, it does use a bit of our battery. But don’t worry too much because it doesn’t use a lot. That’s because the keyboard backlight uses special energy-efficient lights called LEDs. So, in real-life terms, if we’re not constantly using the backlight, it might only make our battery last 1-2% less, which is not a big deal at all.

My MacBook’s keyboard has LED lights lower, which are quite helpful when you’re typing in the dark. However, sometimes you want the keyboard to shine brightly, and other times, you’d rather have it a bit dimmer. If you’re using an older MacBook, it’s super simple – you just press F5 to make it less bright and F6 to make it brighter.

If you use the keyboard backlight with just one color, it typically uses about 1–2 watts of power. But if it’s an RGB backlight with individual key lighting, it might use a bit more, around 2–3 watts. To make it easier to grasp, consider you have a 42-watt-hour battery at 11.4 volts. If you use the backlight, it could give you about 3–4 hours of battery life, but without the backlight, you might get closer to 6–6.5 hours.

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