How to delete photos on Macbook Air

How to delete photos on Macbook Air? (Quick Guide 2023)

In today’s digital world, we get a lot of photos from different platforms like our cameras, phones, and all of the above the internet. All these pictures crash on our Mac computers. While photos help us remember good times, they also take up a lot of space and can make our systems slow. So, you might wonder, why keep them all? 

In this article, we’ll figure out how to delete our Mac’s photo collection. We’ll discover how to get rid of pictures we don’t need while keeping the ones that are precious to us. 

How to delete photos on Macbook Air

What are the methods of deleting photos on Macbook Air?

Here are some possible ways through which everyone can easily delete photos on Macbook Air:

Using the Trash Bin: At first, I delete photos by opening Finder, locating the folder with my photos, selecting the ones I want to delete, dragging them to the Trash Bin (bottom-right corner of my screen), and then emptying the Trash Bin. 

Using the Photos App: If I prefer using the Photos app, I open it, select the photos I want to delete, right-click, and choose “Delete Photos.” They’ll move to the Recently Deleted folder.

Deleting All Photos: To delete all photos, I open the Photos app, select all photos (Cmd + A), press delete or right-click, and choose “Delete Photos.” Then, I go to the Recently Deleted folder to permanently delete them.

Deleting Photos in Albums: If I want to remove photos from an album, I’ll right-click the photos and choose “Remove from Album.” If I want to remove them entirely, I’ll hold the Option while right-clicking and selecting “Delete Photos.”

Smart Albums: We also use Smart Albums to filter and delete specific types of photos based on the criteria we set.

Photos Outside the App: To delete photos outside the Photos app, I’ll locate them in Finder, select them, and drag them to the Trash Bin.

Preventing iCloud Deletion: If I don’t want photos deleted from iCloud, I’ll disable iCloud syncing for photos in my System Preferences.

When we delete photos, they move to the Recently Deleted folder, so we can recover them within a specific time frame if needed.


In the end, it’s crucial to clean up our photo collection on a MacBook Air to keep it working well. Throughout the article, I have talked about different ways of deleting photos like using the Trash Bin for quick removal or the Photos app for organized cleaning. 

Moreover, don’t forget, deleted photos hang out in the Recently Deleted folder just in case you want them back. Whether it’s about making space or cleaning up your digital memories, these methods help you to keep your MacBook Air clean and work fast.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’re having trouble deleting photos on my Mac, there could be a couple of reasons. One thing to watch out for is how I’m deleting the photos. If you delete pictures while you’re looking at them inside a specific album, you might only get rid of them from that album, but they’ll still be hanging around in your overall photo collection. Think of it like cleaning up just one shelf of books in your library without cleaning the entire room.

If you keep my photos in both the Photos app and save separate copies of them in your Photos folder, deleting the Photos library won’t make any changes to those individual copies in my Photos folder.

If you want to clean up all your photos from the Photos app and iCloud Photo Library, you can do it easily by selecting all photos at once. This will take hardly 5 minutes. 

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