How to delete bookmarks on MacBook Air? (Quick Guide 2023)

As we use the internet, we save bookmarks to remember websites we like. However, if we save too many, our web browser can become slow, like a computer with too many programs open. So, we should clean up and remove bookmarks that we don’t need anymore. It is like cleaning the computer for better working. So, it is a very common question of how could we delete bookmarks on Macbook Air from different browsers. 

How to close tabs on Macbook Air

Why should we delete Bookmarks?

We create the bookmarks of the websites we like and want to visit. So when we make too many bookmarks then it’s hard to find the bookmark that we actually need. Having too many bookmarks can slow down the web browser. 

Cleaning up the bookmarks is like cleaning up the browser-we decide which bookmarks we still need and which ones we don’t. By getting rid of the bookmarks we no longer need, our web browser will work faster, and finding the important bookmarks will be much easier.

How we can delete bookmarks in Macbook Air?

Here are the methods to remove bookmarks on Macbook Air on browsers like Safari, Mozilla, and Chrome. 

Bookmarks in Safari:

  • We’ll Open Safari on the Mac.
  • Then, we’ll click on “Sidebar” in the top-left corner.
  • We’ll also choose “Bookmarks” from the sidebar menu.
  • After that, we should right-click on the bookmark we want to remove.
  • In last, we’ll select “Delete” from the options.

Deleting Bookmarks in Google Chrome:

  • In this way, we should need to launch Google Chrome from the Dock.
  • Then we must make sure that we’re signed into the Google account.
  • After that, we’ll click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • Also, choose “Bookmark Manager.”
  • Hence, we’ll find the bookmark we want to remove.
  • And we’ll right-click on it and select “Delete” from the popup menu.

Removing Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox:

  • We’ll open Mozilla Firefox on our Mac.
  • And will load the bookmarked page we want to remove.
  • Then, we’ll click the Star button that appears in the address bar.
  • After that, we’ll need to choose “Remove Bookmark” from the popup window.

These steps should help remove bookmarks from Safari, Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox on Mac.


In conclusion, taking care of the saved bookmarks on the MacBook Air is important for a good web experience. If we gather too many bookmarks, our web browser can become slow. But don’t worry! If you delete the bookmarks you don’t need, you can make your browsers work better and find your favorite websites more easily. 

Whether you use Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, the ways I talked about in this article are simple and will help you to keep your bookmarks neat and your online journey perfectly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

First, you should go to the Bookmarks menu and pick “Edit Bookmarks.” If you want to get rid of just one bookmark, then you’ll right-click on it and choose “Delete.” But if you’ve got a bunch of bookmarks you want to say goodbye to, then you should hold down the Command key on the keyboard while you click on each of them. After you’ve selected the ones you want to delete, you’ll press the Delete key. They’ll all disappear at once.

To organize bookmarks effectively, you can use tags in browsers like Firefox. This makes sorting bookmarks easy. You can also give bookmarks nicknames or use small website icons for quick recognition. Creating folders for different bookmark categories keeps things neat. Regularly remove bookmarks you don’t need anymore to avoid clutter. For more options, check out external services and browser extensions that provide extra ways to manage bookmarks beyond the basics.

If we’re using the bookmarks bar, we can make a folder by right-clicking on it and choosing “Add Folder.” This helps us keep the bookmarks organized and easy to reach.

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