How to delete apps on Macbook Air

How to delete apps on Macbook Air? (Quick Guide 2023)

If we want our Macbook running well, we uninstall the apps we don’t use. If we’re facing issues with problematic software, then it’s crucial to remove them completely.  It’s not only about erasing the app itself – we also need to find and delete all the extra files it hides in different places. 

So in this article, I will give you a better understanding of how to delete apps on Macbook Air. This is very useful when we want to free up space or fix software issues. 

How to delete apps on Macbook Air

How can I remove applications from a MacBook Air?

Here are some steps through which we can delete and uninstall apps on Macbook Air:

1. Using Launchpad:

  • Firstly, we should open Launchpad from the Dock or Applications folder.
  • Then look for the app we want to remove.
  • And hold the option key to make apps wiggle.
  • Then we click the “X” button on the app.
  • In the last, we confirm the deletion to remove the app and its extra files.

2. Using Finder:

  • Firstly, we will open Finder and find the app in Applications.
  • Then we should drag the app to Trash, select “Move to Trash,” or press Command-Delete.
  • If asked, then we will enter the admin password.
  • After that, we will empty the Trash to complete the process.

3. Removing All App Files:

  • Apps also leave files in folders like ~/Library/Application Support, ~/Library/Preferences, and ~/Library/Caches.
  • We find and delete these files to confirm the complete cleanup.

We must make sure that there are no extra files left that could slow down the MacBook.

4. Easier Option with App Cleaner & Uninstaller:

  • We also consider options for using apps like Cleaner & Uninstaller software.
  • It removes apps and their related files efficiently.
  • This tool clears the process and keeps the MacBook Air running well.

Whether we pick Launchpad, Finder, or a special uninstaller, properly removing apps helps our MacBook Air perform better and stay organized.


In the end, we should delete the apps from the Macbook for the advanced performance of the Macbook Air and solve its software issues. In this article, I explained different ways through which you can use the “X” button in Launchpad after holding the Option key, and drag apps to the Trash using Finder. You can also use tools like App Cleaner & Uninstaller to clear things.  

We should take care of the things our duty is just not to uninstall apps, we should also delete files that are left behind in the folders ~/Library/Application Support, ~/Library/Preferences, and ~/Library/Caches. By doing all of this, we can make sure that our MacBook Air runs better, stays organized, and gives us a wonderful working experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When we try to delete an app using Finder, we  get a message that says, “We can’t move the ‘app name’ to the trash because it’s open.” This happens because the app is still working in the background and hasn’t been fully closed yet.

For a fast way to get rid of apps on the Mac, press and hold the Option key, or simply click and hold any app until they begin to wiggle. Find the app you want to remove, click the Delete button next to it, and then confirm by clicking Delete again. The app will be removed right away.

Explore Mac apps such as CleanMyMac X for removing apps and enhance performance, AppZapper’s easy drag-and-drop feature, AppDelete for thorough elimination, TrashMe for deleting apps and files, Hazel’s automated organization, and the efficient App Cleaner & Uninstaller. Also, consider CCleaner for flexible system cleanup. These tools suit different needs, making app management easy and the Mac runs its best.

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