How to delete an email account on MacBook Air? (Quick Guide 2023)

How to delete an email account on MacBook Air? (Quick Guide 2023)

When we use email on our Mac, there may be a time when we want to delete an email account. This could be because our messages are not working correctly or we don’t need that account anymore. Nowadays, we have many email accounts. It is very helpful to know how can we get rid of them permanently. So if you have a Macbook Air, and also have an extra email account but you don’t use it and want it. Then you must know how you delete them. This article makes the process easy for you to understand.

How can I remove an email account from a MacBook Air?

Here are the steps through which we can easily delete email accounts on MacBook Air permanently. Because at some time, we surely don’t want some email account.

  • First, we’ll open the Mail app on the MacBook Air.
  • Then, we’ll Click on the “Mail” menu at the top of the screen and choose “Preferences.”
  • Inside the Preferences window, we’ll find the “Accounts” section. This is where the email accounts are managed.
  •  On the left side, we’ll find the email account we want to remove. Click on it to select it.
  • At the bottom left, there’s a “-” button. Then, we’ll click it to remove the chosen email account.
  • We’ll see a message asking if we’re sure. This is important. If we use the same account on other devices and use iCloud Keychain, macOS may be asked if we want to remove the account from all devices. We would choose whether to remove it only from the MacBook Air or all devices.
  • If we see a message about going to “Internet Accounts” in System Preferences, we should follow the instructions. Also, we need to unselect the account from other apps.

Once confirmed, the email account we selected will be gone from the Mail app on our MacBook Air. Any emails and settings will be removed which belongs to it. We should just remember that this only removes the account from the Mail app on the MacBook Air. The actual email account on the email provider’s server won’t be deleted.

We should always double-check that we don’t need the account anymore and that we’re not deleting an account we use on other devices by mistake.


In conclusion, deleting an email account is not difficult to perform on Macbook Air. This article helps you to understand the deleting process of an email account on a Macbook. Just remember, when you remove an account, it only disappears from the Mail app, not the main email storage. You should always be careful that you’re not removing an account you use on other devices before you confirm. By following these steps with care, you’ll keep your MacBook Air’s email organized and working great.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

By doing this, we’ll completely remove an email address and its account from the Mac. This means all the settings we set up for that email account will be deleted. Additionally, all the emails connected to that account will be taken out from the Mail app in Mac OS X.

There are good reasons to delete an email account we don’t use anymore. This helps stop hackers from getting in and taking our emails.

When we decide to delete the Gmail account, it doesn’t happen quickly at the moment. According to Google’s rules, it might take around two months to fully get rid of the account. They also have a one-month time in case we change our mind or accidentally delete our stuff.

Once I’ve connected my Gmail to the Apple Mail app, whatever I do in the app affects my Gmail too. So, if I delete an email using the Apple Mail app, it goes to my Gmail trash. And if I check my Gmail account by logging in directly, I’ll find that deleted email in the trash folder there too.

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