How to delete a download folder on MacBook Air

How to delete a download folder on MacBook Air? (Quick Guide 2023)

Managing your MacBook Air’s storage is essential for optimal performance. Your Downloads folder is where files from the web, emails, and AirDrop end up, filling up space. To free up space, regularly clean your MacBook Air downloads folder. Identify and delete unnecessary downloads like images, videos, and app installers. This streamlines your Mac, ensuring smoother operation and more room for important files. Through this article, you can easily delete downloads on your Macbook Air, efficiently free up space on your MacBook Air, and improve its performance.

How to delete a download folder on MacBook Air

How we can find the Downloads folder on a Mac?

To find the Downloads folder on our Mac, we have a couple of convenient options. We can open Finder, head to the Go menu, and simply select Downloads. Alternatively, we can use the handy shortcut Alt+Command+L. By default, most of our downloads on macOS are automatically stored here, unless we specify a different location.

For us MacBook Air users seeking to efficiently manage our downloads, organize them neatly, or clear our download history, the first step is locating the Downloads folder. We can easily spot it in the left sidebar of Finder or by going to Go > Downloads in the top menu. Inside this folder, we’ll find various types of downloaded files, such as documents and images, all neatly listed for quick and easy access.

And if we happen to use Google Chrome, and we’re curious about where our downloads are stored within the browser, here’s what we can do: open Chrome, click on Chrome in our Mac’s menu bar, select Preferences, navigate to Advanced, and under Downloads, we’ll find the location where our downloads are being saved.

How we can delete folders on Macbook Air?

By following these steps everyone can easily delete folders and files on their Macos:

Open Finder: We start by clicking on the Finder icon in our dock. We can also use a shortcut by pressing Command + Space, then typing “Finder” and hitting Enter.

Access the Downloads Folder: In the Finder window, we’ll see a list of locations on the left-hand side. Let’s click on “Downloads” to open our Downloads folder.

Select Files: Now, if we want to delete several files, we can hold down the Command key on our keyboard and click on each file we want to get rid of. If we want to delete everything in the folder, just press Command + A to select all of them.

Move to Trash: With the files selected, we can right-click on one of them. A menu will pop up, and we’ll choose “Move to Trash.” We can also use a quicker method by pressing Command + Delete.

Empty Trash: To make sure these files are gone for good and to free up space on our MacBook Air, we’ll right-click on the Trash icon in our dock (it looks like a trash can). Then, we select “Empty Trash” and confirm the action when prompted.

We’ve successfully deleted the downloaded files from our MacBook Air, and now we have more storage space available.


In conclusion, keeping your MacBook Air’s storage clean is essential for it to run well. You can achieve this by organizing and removing things you don’t use, like pictures, videos, and extra files. These tips for improving your MacBook Air’s storage, along with easy steps for deleting stuff, will make your laptop perform wonderfully. Just remember to keep your Downloads folder tidy, and your MacBook Air will be happy and run smoothly!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For sure, we can safely delete the files in our Downloads folder without any concerns. It won’t harm our system, and it’s a smart move to make our device run smoother by freeing up space.

We have two options: First, we can select “Remove Download” to remove the item from only this device. Second, we can pick “Delete from Library” to completely remove the item from all our devices.

We should delete files from our computers for a good reason. When we do this, we make extra space on our hard drive, and this makes our PC work better and faster overall.

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