How to create a Folder on Macbook Air

How to create a Folder on Macbook Air? (Quick Guide 2023)

The picture folder on the Mac is the digital organizer. They work like virtual boxes that help to arrange and organize our photos, documents, and files. Folders are like friends that group similar things, so finding what we want is super easy. A clean desktop is like a superhero cape for computer speed. Folders are magical containers that make our work efficient and our screen cleaner. 

So If you want to keep your computer clean but don’t know how you can do it. Then this article will be helpful for you. 

How to create a Folder on Macbook Air

What Is a Mac Folder?

Folders help us keep things organized and easy to find because we can put similar data and files together. The best part is, that these digital folders don’t take up any space; they’re like signs that show us where our files are located. And guess what? We can even make folders inside folders to stay super organized. So, folders are like our helpful buddies, keeping our Macs neat and helping us find files in a flash.

How do we make a Folder on a MacBook Air?

Here are steps through which I can create a folder on Macbook Air:

1. Using Finder on Desktop:

  • I click on an empty area on my desktop to make sure I’m in the right place.
  • Then, I click on “File” at the top of the screen next to “Finder.”
  • In the menu that appears, I choose “New Folder.”
  • A new folder shows up on my desktop, usually with the name “untitled.” I can change its name by clicking on it and typing in a new one.

2. Using Right-Click on Desktop:

  • I can also right-click with my mouse or use two fingers to tap on an empty spot on my desktop.
  • A menu pops up, and I select “New Folder” from there.
  • Just like that, a new folder is created right on my desktop.

3. Using Keyboard Shortcut:

  • For a super quick way, I press three keys at once: “Shift + Command + N.”
  • Instantly, a new folder appears on my desktop.

4. Using Finder in a Window:

  • If I’m already using Finder in a window, I right-click on an empty spot inside that Finder window.
  • Then, I choose “New Folder” from the menu that pops up.
  • A new folder is made right where I wanted it.

5. Using Terminal (for advanced users):

  • If I am comfortable with command-line stuff, then I will open Terminal.
  • I navigate to the place where I want the folder and type “mkdir [new-folder-name].” For example, “mkdir MyNewFolder” makes a folder named “MyNewFolder” right there.

These methods are like magic tricks to keep my MacBook Air neat and organized by creating folders for different files and projects.


In conclusion, making folders on MacBook Air is an easy and smart way to keep digital data neat and clean. These digital organizers work like magic, helping us to stay organized and work faster. Whether you like the simple desktop methods, quick keyboard shortcuts, or even the advanced Terminal way, learning how to create folders is your secret to keeping your Mac clean and efficient. So, taking charge of your digital space, keeping it organized, and finding your files will be super easy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If we like to stay organized, we can use folders. We can effortlessly create new folders in our Documents folder, on our desktop, or even in iCloud Drive. What’s more, we have the option to include useful keywords to make finding files and folders a breeze when we need them.

Folder Tidy has earned praise and awards from Apple and respected websites for its performance over the years. It was highlighted on the App Store for five years in a row with themes like “Tidy Up Your Mac” in 2022 and 2023, “New Year, New You” in 2021, “Tidy Up Your Mac” in 2020, and “Folders That Spark Joy” in 2019. Additionally, it received recognition from trusted sources like Macworld, Softpedia, Mac360, and MakeUseOf, and scored an impressive 9/10 rating on Mac AppStorm.

On my Mac, I see files as things I place in containers known as folders or directories. I can picture the top-level folder as the root directory. Below that, I spot additional folders, which I can refer to as subfolders or subdirectories. Essentially, they’re folders nestled within other folders, and they help me keep everything well-organized.

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