How to clean MacBook Air

How to clean MacBook Air? (Best Guide 2023)

It’s important to take good care of Mac for their good performance. And we can take care of it by cleaning it internally and externally. The Mac is acting slow when we use many apps, starting slowly, or telling us it’s running out of space, it may be time to clean it. And also when we talk about cleaning it is not only clean internally. 

Hence when time passes, our computer can get dusty, dirty, and smudged, making it lose its shiny look. We should clean it. In this article, I’ll show you how to clean the screen, fan, keyboard, and trackpad. When you remove the dust and dirt, your computer will look nicer and you’ll prevent problems like it being slow, getting screen scratches, or having trouble connecting to things. So to develop your understanding of how to clean the Macbook inside and outside. Keep reading this article.

How to clean MacBook Air

How to clean Macbook Air internally?

 Here are some ways to clean the Macbook Air inside:

  • Firstly, we start to clean up our desktops. When we keep our organized and neat desktop, it helps the computer to work faster. If the desktop has too many files, our computer may slow down. So, keeping it clean not only looks nice but also helps the Mac run better.
  • Putting the files into different folders is a smart way to keep things organized and helps the computer work efficiently.
  • As time passes, the Mac collects lots of stuff, like cache files and leftover data from apps can slow down the computer. So it is important to regularly clean it. And CleanMyMac X along with its Smart Scan module gets rid of unnecessary files, identifies malware, and discovers methods to make our Mac faster.
  • We should try to make sure we always have around 10% of the hard drive space free. This helps our computer work its best and respond quickly.
  • The folder where our downloads go can get full of old stuff, and that can slow down our computer. By regularly cleaning out this folder, our computer will stay fast and work well. 
  • Getting rid of widgets and apps we don’t use makes our computer faster because it frees up space.
  • We also remove old backups to free up storage space. 

If these steps don’t speed up the computer, consider upgrading its parts. We could add more memory (RAM) or switch to a different type of hard drive (SSD). These changes can really improve how our computer works, helping it keep up with the changes in technology.

How do we clean up the Macbook Air externally?

General Cleaning:

  • We should wear soft clothes, don’t use rough materials.
  • Gently wipe, don’t press too hard.
  • Before cleaning, we should unplug the device.
  • Keep liquids away from the device.
  • Avoid using sprays, bleach, or harsh substances.


  • We should Clean surfaces with alcohol wipes.
  • We should not use bleach or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Keep liquids away from openings.
  • We should get help if liquid gets inside the device.

Cleaning External Parts:

  • First, we should turn off and unplug the device.
  • We should always use air to remove dust from fans.
  • Also, use a damp cloth for the case and screen.
  • And we should be careful while disinfecting keyboards.
  • In last, we should leave the keyboard and trackpad dry.

MacBook Keyboard:

  • We should Use air to clear debris between keys.
  • Also, angle the MacBook and gently use air spray.

Turn off and unplug.

  • We should gently wipe with a dry cloth.
  • If needed, we could also use a slightly damp cloth.
  • Don’t spray water directly on the screen.

Dust Inside Mac:

  • Dust can slow down the device.
  • So we should be careful as cleaning may void the warranty.
  • Also, use air to remove dust.
  • We should keep the work area clean.

And if we don’t clean our macbook by ourselves, then we have another option. We can visit an Apple Store or an Apple Service Center nearby. If the MacBook is still under warranty, the Apple Store team will be happy to clean it for us.


In summary, keeping the MacBook Air clean inside and out is vital for its best performance and durability. Keep your desktop organized and remove unwanted files to help your Mac run smoothly. When cleaning the outside, be gentle, avoid liquids, and take care of the keyboard, screen, and mouse. If you’re unsure, getting help from an Apple Store or Service Center is a good idea.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As time passes, dust can gather inside the MacBook, causing it to heat up and work less smoothly. Keeping it clean helps avoid this, and our MacBook will work better after cleaning. 

We should start by shutting down the Mac and disconnecting any devices. Then we should grab a soft cloth, wet it slightly with water, and then use it softly to clean the screen.

CleanMyMac gives many ways to improve the device’s performance, such as boosting RAM, uninstalling apps, and updating software. Also, the Space Lens feature presents a visual map that helps us quickly find large folders taking up space on the Mac.

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