How to check battery health on Macbook Air

How to check battery health on Macbook Air? (Quick Guide 2023)

We should look after the laptop battery for its long time working. Yes, a Mac battery is indeed made from good material but it naturally gets weaker over time because it’s a bit like a living thing. It is similar to a car battery, which gets old over time and its working is not the same as before. 

Hence old battery can cause many problems. When we take good care of Macbook batteries, their battery lasts longer than 5 years. So knowing about your battery life is very important to solve problems of Macbook Air related to battery life. 

How to check battery health on Macbook Air

What are the Old battery problems?

Sometimes, the battery starts acting strange and messes up how the laptop works and how long it stays on without being plugged in. If we want to fix things like the battery running out too quickly, we have to check how healthy it is. This is super important because if the battery gets worse, our MacBook slows down and doesn’t work as well when not plugged in. So when we put good batteries and take care of our Mac batteries very well, then automatically its performance should remain good, it doesn’t slow down, and its power improved. 

How can I check the battery condition of a MacBook Air?

To see the Macbook Air battery life, we should follow these steps:

  • Firstly, we open “System Preferences” by clicking the Apple logo in the top-left corner.
  • Then, inside “System Preferences, “we’ll find and click on “Power.”
  • In the “Power” section, we get information about our battery’s health. Look for “Cycle Count” (how many times it’s been charged) and “Condition” (how healthy it is now).
  • After that, our battery’s health will be shown as one of four things:
  1. “Normal” means it’s working fine.
  2. “Replace Soon” means it’s still okay, but it’s not holding as much charge as before.
  3. “Replace Now” means it’s working, but it doesn’t hold much charge anymore.
  4. “Service Battery” means we need to replace it soon because it might damage the MacBook.
  • It’s best to trust the information from the Mac’s own “System Information” for accurate details about the battery’s health.

 By checking our battery condition, we can easily decide whether we should replace it means we need a new battery.


In conclusion, looking after the MacBook Air’s battery health is important to keep it working well and lasting a long time. Just like any battery, it gets weaker over time, which can make it not work as well. Knowing when the battery is getting older is a big deal because it can make the MacBook slow down or run out of power quickly. By checking the battery’s condition in “System Preferences” regularly, you can decide if it needs some care or even a new battery. This way, your MacBook Air will keep running efficiently for a long time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It’s a good idea for users to try not to charge the laptops is 80 percent. This helps protect the battery from getting hurt since charging it too much can be bad for it.

The battery of a MacBook Air can work for around 13 to 15 hours before it needs to be charged again. It usually remains in good condition and keeps working well for about 3 to 5 years.

Most of Apple’s recent laptops are built to handle around 1,000 times of charging before needing a new battery. So, we can use and charge our laptop about 1,000 times before we need to change the battery.

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