How to change the Wallpaper on MacBook Air

How to change the Wallpaper on MacBook Air? (Updated 2023)

The desktop is the first screen after starting the laptop. The computer screen is a make-believe desk where we can put digital things, like papers and tools. This special desktop space can be a small space or take up the whole screen. People use different desktop areas for their different work. So putting an attractive and delightful wallpaper on the desktop looks computer so nice. We’re in charge and can pick these pictures by ourselves to decorate the desktop screen. 

So if you are tired of putting pre-installed desktop pictures and want to change and enhance the appearance of your desktop screen, it is important for you to learn how to change the wallpaper on your Macbook Air.

Importance of Desktop Wallpapers 

Desktop wallpapers on laptops are really important because they make the computer look better and work better too. We can choose pictures we really like to put on the background, which makes the computer feel special and like it belongs to us. This makes using the computer more enjoyable and can also make it look more professional, especially if we use it for work. Wallpapers can also be used to share important messages and news in a creative way. If we use a system like Microsoft Windows, we can change the wallpaper whenever we want, keeping our computer interesting and unique to us.

How can I modify the wallpaper on a MacBook Air?

Here are some easy steps by using it we can change the desktop wallpaper on the Macbook Air:

Using System Preferences:

  • First, we should click on the Apple logo in the top-left corner of our screen.
  • Then, we’ll pick “System Preferences” from the menu that appears.
  • Also, click on “Desktop & Screen Saver.”
  •  We’ll go to the “Desktop” section.

For macOS 13 Ventura:

  • And open “System Settings.”
  • Lastly, we’ll choose “Wallpaper.

Choosing from Pre-installed Options:

  • We’ll look through the pictures that Apple already put on the computer.
  • We can pick from different categories like Desktop Pictures, Colors, or Folders.
  • Customizing the Wallpaper:
  • Then, we’ll click the box that says “Change picture” to decide how often the wallpaper changes.
  • After that, we’ll click the box that says “Random order” if we want the pictures to show up in a random order.
  • We can also choose how the pictures look: Dynamic, Light, or Dark.

By using Finder:

  • In this way, we’ll open the Finder (it’s like the place where we find our files).
  • And find the picture we want to use as the wallpaper.
  • Then, right-click (or press and hold) on the picture.
  • We’ll choose “Set Desktop Picture.”

By using the Photos App

  • We should Start the Photos app (where the pictures are).
  • Then, we’ll right-click (or press and hold) the picture we like.
  • Also, press “Share.”
  • Lastly, we’ll choose “Set Desktop Picture.”

These methods let you easily change your MacBook Air’s wallpaper to a picture you love! Just follow the steps that match what you want to do.


In conclusion, changing the desktop wallpapers means giving it my style. When we choose the wallpaper we like, it makes the computer look attractive. These wallpapers show style and make using the computer more enjoyable, whether we’re doing work or just having fun. Hence you can change the wallpapers in the ways I talked about. So if you add your own creativity to your laptop, that means you can truly make it yours. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I should just go to “System Preferences” and pick “Desktop & Screen Saver.” And then I’ll choose a picture that’s already there as my background. Then, I just catch the image I want and put it into the window. This should help fix the problem I had.

We can go to Settings > Personalization > Background to choose a picture for the desktop background. If we’re having difficulty changing the background or using a new picture, we can easily enable this feature by adjusting the settings in Group Policy or Registry.

There’s a software named WallpaperChanger that can automatically change the computer’s background picture. This special app is made for Windows and is really light and can be customized. It’s free and open-source, which is great for people who want a simple and reliable way to have different wallpapers on their screen.

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