How To Change the Language on Macbook Air

How To Change the Language on Macbook Air? (Quick Guide 2023)

Macbook has the special power of languages. Macbook speaks the language of the country it came from. But you know what? We have the ability to change its language and set the Macbook language according to our native language. We can make some apps use one language while others use a different one.

This is very useful in all over the world. And you are reading the Macbook in all languages and talking to friends all over the world. So in this article, you will learn how to change the language of the Macbook Air. And how could you change the keyboard type according to the language you want? 

How To Change the Language on Macbook Air

How can I change the language settings on a MacBook Air?

Changing the language on the Macbook is very simple and easy for everyone. Here are the steps by which we can change the language on our Macbook Air:

Change System Language

  • Firstly, we will Click the Apple menu and pick “System Preferences.”
  • Then we select “General” on the side, then click “Language & Region.”
  • To add a language, we press the “+” button, choose a language, and click “Add.”
  • To make a language the main one, we drag it to the top.
  • Lastly, we will restart the MacBook to see the changes.

Change Language for Apps

  • In “Language & Region,” we go to “Applications.”
  • To set a language for an app, we will press “+” and pick the app and language.
  • To change an app’s language, we pick the app and choose a new language.
  • Then to remove a language, we will pick the app and click “Remove.”
  • If the app is open, then we close it and then reopen it if we see the change.

Change Keyboard Language

  • In this way, we open System Preferences and click “Keyboard.”
  • Go to “Input Sources.”
  • And we press the “+” button to add a language to the keyboard.
  • Then we will switch between keyboard languages using Control+Space or Cmd+Space (on some Macs) or from the menu bar’s language icon.
  • Sometimes Macbook doesn’t change the language but the solution to this problem is should restart the device. Then our Macbook language will be changed according to our selected language. These changes can make using the MacBook in our favorite language more enjoyable.


In conclusion, technological improvement gives us the facility to change the Macbook language. And trust me changing language facility is very convenient and helpful in this modern world. Macbook’s default language is the country language it came from. But it is not a problem. We can change and add different languages on the Macbook according to our comfort zone. We can also talk to other country persons in different languages because of the Macbook’s ability to change languages. 

Hence, if you take advantage of this changing language benefit, you can get help through this article.  I told all the ways through which you can easily change the language on Macbook Air. I also tell you the most important point if after applying the process your Macbook language doesn’t change then you should restart the device to see the changes. 

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