How to block someone on MacBook Air

How to block someone on MacBook Air? (Best Guide 2023)

In recent years, we have all received unwanted messages from someone, who can disturb us by sending annoying spam messages and calls every day. If you love to attend Facetime calls and messages on your Macbook but these unwanted messages and calls bother you then there is a solution to this problem. 

Fortunately, if you are a Macbook Air user or any Mac version user, you can stop these spam messages which always disturb you and interrupt your work. You can stop these kinds of people by blocking them. This article tells you the way through which you can block someone on your Macbook Air and run your Macbook Air efficiently without any interruption. 

How to block someone on MacBook Air

How do I easily block someone on a MacBook Air?

Here are the easiest ways to block someone on a MacBook:

Blocking Someone in Messages on MacBook:

  • We should find and open the Messages app on the MacBook.
  • Then, we will pick the conversation with the person we want to block.
  • We Look at the top of the screen and click on “Conversations.”
  • From the options that appear, we click on “Block Person.”
  • A little box will show up asking if we’re sure. Click “Block.”

Blocking a Number We Know in Advance:

  • We will open the contacts app and create a new contact with the number we want to block.
  • Then we Open Messages, and click on “Messages” in the top menu, and choose “Settings.”
  • Find “iMessage” in the settings window, then we will go to “Blocked.”
  • We click the “+” symbol and select the new contact we created.

Blocking FaceTime Calls:

  • In this method, we will open the FaceTime app on the MacBook.
  • And look for the call from the person we want to block in the list of recent calls.
  • Lastly, we will Right-click on that call and choose “Block This Caller.”

Remember, if you can’t find the option, you must confirm that you’ve saved their info in your Contacts first. By doing these steps, you can stop people you don’t want from sending messages or making calls to you on your MacBook. This block also applies to other devices using the same Apple ID.


In short, you can easily stop annoying messages and calls on your MacBook Air. Just do what I explained in this article, and you’ll have a good and happier experience using your computer. We should block people who tease us, which will help to focus on our tasks and have fun without any interruptions. Don’t forget, that you can block both messages and FaceTime calls, so using the MacBook Air will become even more enjoyable and tention-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We can only block someone if their details are saved in our contacts. If they’re not saved, the option to block them won’t show up. To block them, we should first add their information to our contacts and then block them. 

When I block someone, it works on all my devices that share the same Apple ID and phone number. So, if I block someone on one device, they’ll be blocked on all other devices too.

If we choose to block a phone number or someone’s contact, they can leave a voicemail, but we won’t be notified about it. The messages they send won’t come to us, and our messages won’t go to them. However, they won’t find out that we’ve blocked their calls or messages. And, when we block an email address in Mail, those emails just go to the trash.

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