How to add another account on Macbook Air

How to add another account on Macbook Air? (Quick Guide 2023)

If lots of people share your Mac, it’s a good idea to make separate accounts for each person. That means everyone can set things up just how they like without disturbing others. You can also let guests use your Mac without them seeing your things. Just know that you need special permission to do this.

So if you want to make another account on Macbook Air as a family member and roommate. Then I will tell you in this article how could you make another account on Macbook Air. 

How to add another account on Macbook Air

Benefits of Multiple Accounts on Macbook

Using multiple user accounts on a MacBook is a good idea with benefits. It’s easy to switch accounts in “Users & Groups” under System Preferences. There’s a fast switch option in the menu bar, especially good in OS X 10.8. This helps in various situations. We can set up a “test user” to fix app issues without extra stuff. Making a separate “Admin Only” account increases security for admin tasks. And having a special account for presentations keeps things neat. In short, multiuser accounts improve troubleshooting, security, and presentations on a MacBook.

Additionally, having separate Mac accounts is really helpful. It makes things safer because we use our own passwords to keep others out. We can set up the computer the way we like, which is cool. And if we’re a parent, we can decide what our kids can do on the computer. Adding new users keeps our settings safe and neat, so nothing gets disturbed by accident. And when everyone has their own folder, finding our specific stuff is way easier and quicker.

How to create multiple accounts on Macbook Air?

Here are the steps to add another user account to the MacBook Air:

  • We should follow Apple’s instructions for creating new user accounts.
  • We must be sure that we have administrator permissions.
  • Then, go to System Preferences and open Users & Groups.
  • Unlock settings using the lock icon and admin authentication.
  • Click the ‘+’ button to add a new user.
  • Then we choose the account type: Standard, Administrator, Sharing only, or Group.
  • Standard accounts can install apps; Administrators manage users.
  • Sharing-only accounts to access remote files.
  • Group accounts give equal access to multiple users.
  • We must Enter the user’s full name, set a password, and hint.
  • Use “Create User” to finish.
  • After this, process the new user’s name will appear with existing accounts.
  • Change settings after logging out from the admin account.


In conclusion, making multiple accounts on MacBook Air has great advantages like better security, personal choices, and organization. When we create separate accounts for each person, we can keep our things private and make the computer work just the way we want without interfering with others’ privacy. However, this article guides how you can create another account on Macbook Air step by step, giving them the right permissions and making the Mac experience even better. Whether it’s for family, roommates, or guests, using multiple accounts guarantees a safer, customized, and organized MacBook Air experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If we share a Mac with others, it’s a good idea to make individual accounts for each person. This lets everyone choose their own settings without bothering anyone else. Guests can also use the Mac without seeing others’ stuff. We can even make groups and set up automatic login options if we want.

If my computer is locked, I can change users using shortcuts. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and pick “Switch User.” Or, use Win + L to go to the lock screen, then select the user I want to switch to.

To resolve this, you should follow these steps, you should open System Preferences, then go to Users & Groups. Use your password to unlock the padlock, click the ‘+’ symbol, and create a new Administrator Account. Once done, you can delete the other Administrator account. This process is necessary because you need to make a new admin account before removing the existing one. These steps make sure you have the required permissions to carry out these changes.

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