How much does to fix the Macbook Air screen

How much does to fix the Macbook Air screen? (Guide 2023)

MacBooks are known for their beautiful design and strong performance, but they can still get damaged, just like any other thing we use. The amazing retina displays on these laptops can also break, leading to expensive repairs. Accidents can happen, and they can be expensive to fix, so it’s important to be careful with the laptop.

So if you are a Macbook Air user or any other Mac user, and you accidentally break and crack your Mac screen then what could you do? Hence I am writing this article to answer this question. This article will talk about how much it usually costs to fix a MacBook Air screen.

How much does to fix the Macbook Air screen

Is the Damage Covered Under Warranty?

When we get a MacBook, it often has a warranty for one year. This warranty is like help if there are issues with how it was made. But, if we drop the MacBook and the screen breaks, the warranty doesn’t help. Thus a warranty is nice, but it can’t help with accidents. So, if we do something that breaks the MacBook, then in this situation, we need to pay to fix it. 

What’s the cost to repair a MacBook Air screen?

If the MacBook Air’s screen needs to be fixed, how much it costs can be different depending on two things: if we have AppleCare and what kind of MacBook we have. If we have AppleCare, fixing a cracked screen costs $99, and if there’s more damage, it could be up to $300. Without AppleCare, putting a new screen on a new MacBook Air with nice Retina displays costs between $455 and $755. It mostly depends on how bad the accidental damages are. Damages have many types. 

If we have an older model like the A1466 (from 2010-2017), fixing its screen might be about $179. For the 2018-2019 model, it’s around $299. And if my 2020 M1 MacBook Air needs a new screen, it might be between $299 and $429 for the whole part with the display. If we get AppleCare+ in the first 60 days of getting our MacBook, it can help. It will cost $99, but it covers two accidents over three years if my screen breaks.

The regular warranty doesn’t help if we drop our MacBook, but AppleCare+ does. It will also cost us $99 for screen damage. So, the money we spend goes from $348 with AppleCare+ to $269-$755 without it, and that’s because of the kind of MacBook we have and how it got broken.


In summary, the cost of fixing the Macbook Air usually depends on the model of the Macbook and whether we have Applecare or not. The regular warranty doesn’t help if the screen breaks because of an accident, but AppleCare+ can. It costs from $348 with AppleCare+ to $269-$755 without it. It is based on the Macbook model and how extremely bad the damage is. But keep in mind, being careful and thinking about these options can help you keep your MacBook safe and avoid spending too much on fixing it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When we pay for screen repair, there’s a chance we’ll also need to spend money on fixing the battery, hard drive, and other parts. This makes the whole expense not very helpful. However, if the MacBook is new or not too old, it could still make sense to go ahead and repair the screen.

In many situations, it’s smarter to think about buying a new MacBook instead of fixing it if the repair cost is as much as or even more than a new one. And if your MacBook is really old, spending a lot on repairs is not a good decision anymore.

A knowledgeable Apple expert can successfully repair cracked MacBook screens without costly replacements. It’s a good idea to choose a trusted and officially approved repair center, such as Service Plus. They have the know-how to do high-quality and efficient fixes with real parts. Apple must make sure the device works very well and stays a long time after being repaired.

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