how many laptops can i bring on a plane

How many Laptops Can I Bring On a Plane? Latest Guide

Many businesses have switched from physical to online operations since Covid-19, which means employees work online and carry their laptops wherever they go. If you work from home or travel often, you may be wondering How Many Laptops Can I Bring On A Plane?.

If you are traveling home, you may be interested in gifting laptops to your family. It is also possible to travel to a place where laptops are cheaper and bring a few devices back home with you.

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has no limits:

  • It is possible to carry multiple laptops.
  • In a carry-on bag, laptops can be transported.

However, airlines may have their own regulations. Since TSA does not set a limit, airlines won’t check every passenger, and you will be able to carry several laptops without any issues.

How many Laptops Can I Bring On a Plane
How many Laptops Can I Bring On a Plane?

Bringing Laptops On An Airplane – Checked-On-Bags Vs. Carry-On Bags

Carry On Bags

As mentioned earlier, laptops can be brought in carry-on bags without restrictions. Travelers are required to place their devices for X-Ray screening by the TSA.

Checked Bags

In your checked bags, you are permitted to keep your laptop. Among its contents are devices that have removable and non-removable batteries. If you have spare batteries, pack them in your carry-on.

It is not recommended to carry laptops in checked luggage since they are easily damaged.

American Airlines

  American Airlines allows you to take two portable devices on board. According to American Airlines’ Twitter handle, this excludes mobile phones and tablets. You can carry at least two laptops along with your smartphone and tablet.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines’ Twitter account confirms that laptops can be brought on board. You can carry devices without hassle since the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) checks your luggage.  

Rules For Bringing A Laptop On International Flight?

We have already discussed Local American Airlines, but the situation and rules might differ outside the US. The following is a list of authorities and laws outside the United States.

  • IATA: IATA, which represents 290 airlines in over 115 countries, allows laptops in checked luggage and carry-on bags.
  • TCCA: Transport Canada Civil Aviation does not restrict the carrying of laptops in checked baggage and carry-on bags.
  • CASA: Civil aviation in Australia is regulated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Laptops with batteries less than 160 watt-hours can be checked and carried on board.

How To Use Laptop On A Plane?

Put your device in Airplane Mode and you’re good to go. No matter how long your flight is, it doesn’t matter. There are no restrictions on using a laptop or any other device. By using laptops for work, projects, or for entertainment, it makes traveling more convenient.

How To Keep Laptop Safe While Traveling?

There are a few things you can do to keep your laptop safe when flying. First, make sure you pack them in a carry-on bag to prevent damage. Second, invest in a padded laptop bag to prevent bruises and scarring.

Can We Play Games While Travelling on a Plane?

Yes, you can play games on your laptop while travelling. For games you must have a best gaming laptop just like me I have best gaming laptop for sims 4 HAHA joking. Now let be serious, you can play games while travelling.


In today’s world, carrying a Laptop on an airplane isn’t a problem since these devices are essential for our everyday tasks, whether they are personal or professional. We have listed all the rules and regulations of local and international authorities. However, if you are still concerned, you should contact your airline before booking.

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