How long does a Macbook Air Last

How long does a Macbook Air Last? (Faster Guide 2023)

Apple laptops are used all over the world other than all laptops. Macbooks are designed to be slim, shining, and lightweight. It is used by students professional businesses men etc because of its portable benefit. And their battery lives are better than other laptops. They are also very powerful to run high-quality and powerful software. 

Hence, the Macbook Air is one of the most popular Apple creations which is liked by many people. But every electronic device has a goodbye time. Not all devices live long-lasting. As it, Macbook Air also has time to finish. That’s why I write this article to inform you about the life of the Macbook Air. If someone wants to buy a Macbook Air, then it is very crucial information to know how long a Macbook Air lasts.

How long does a Macbook Air Last

What is the average life of a Macbook Air?

The average life of Macbook Air usually lies within 5-7 years. If we use it lightly, means for light works its battery life is closer to 7 years or maybe more than it. But if we use a lot of heavy software on it just like video editing etc it could last around 5 years. At 4 years, we notice it getting a bit slower, and the battery might not last as long. And after 7 years, it might not get all the latest updates and new software. 

Basically, the battery life of the devices usually depends on how we use them. Apple uses terms like “Vintage” and “Obsolete” to talk about how long they keep helping older devices. If you’re asking about how long a MacBook Air can keep getting new software updates, it’s usually about 7 to 8 years. After about 7 years, Apple usually doesn’t give updates for the MacBook anymore. This means we can’t use the new software, like the latest operating system.

How do we long the life of the Macbook Air?

Here are some ways through which we can long the life of the Macbook Air:

  • Choose wisely: First of all, if we choose the Macbook Air for work. So we only considered and picked the right model according to our usage and working. 
  • Physical Care: To make the MacBook Air last longer, we should use a cover to protect it from scratches and internal damage. Keep liquids far from them to prevent harm, and treat them carefully to avoid accidental falls. We should always be careful to hit it from a hard body. 
  • Battery Care: We should keep MacBook Air’s battery healthy, and avoid very hot or cold environments. Also, if we’re not using the laptop for some time, it’s a good idea to store it with the battery halfway charged. 
  • Regular Software Updates: We should Make sure to update the laptop’s operating system for better performance. Updates might affect older devices, but they often bring important improvements that help the MacBook Air work efficiently and well.
  • Backup the Data: Regularly backup data is very important. It helps us in a situation when we need to upgrade and replace the Mac. 
  • Troubleshooting: If MacBook has issues, try cleaning it first. We could also consider reinstalling the macOS from scratch to fix problems. These actions can be useful in solving any troubles that come across.


In conclusion, the Macbook Air life lasts longer around 5-7 years. But the use of heavy software brings its life to 5 years and the use of light software brings its life to 7 years. In short, device life totally depends on the usage of the user. The most important factor is you choose carefully the device before buying according to your needs. Also managing the battery, keeping the software up to date, backing up data, and addressing issues promptly, you can make your MacBook Air last longer. Remember, while electronic devices have a limited life, these steps can help you enjoy your MacBook Air for a longer time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In simple terms, most Macs can last around 10 years without major problems, unless there’s an unexpected hardware issue.

Yes, updating the operating system helps improve performance and security, even though some updates might affect older devices.

When we buy a MacBook Air, it comes with a one-year warranty for hardware repairs. We also get up to 90 days of free technical support.

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