How do delete the reading list on MacBook Air

How do delete the reading list on MacBook Air?(Quick Guide 2023)

There are various cool web pages that we eagerly want to read but don’t have enough time to read instantly. Have you ever faced this problem? If so, don’t worry. You can save those pages, articles, or blog posts and read them later. Luckily, Safari has a Reading List feature to overcome this issue. This feature lets us save webpages for later and even saves them on all our devices through iCloud, so we can read them offline. But, as we save more, it can get messy. 

To keep it clean, we need to delete the reading list pages on Mac. So if you don’t know how you do it on your Macbook Air, I will guide you in this blog post. 

How do delete the reading list on MacBook Air

How could we delete the reading list on the Macbook Air?

Here are some ways of deleting the reading list on Macbook Air:

Deleting Reading List on my MacBook Air:

  • I’ll launch Safari on my MacBook Air.
  • I’ll access the Reading List either via the sidebar or menu bar:
  • For the sidebar, I’ll click the little icon on the top left and choose “Reading List.”
  • For the menu bar, I’ll select “View > Show Reading List Sidebar” in Safari.
  • I’ll review my Reading List and delete items:
  • To delete them one by one, I’ll swipe left and click “Remove.”
  • If I want to clear the entire list, I’ll just two-finger click anywhere on the list and select “Clear All Items.”
  • Lastly, I’ll confirm my choice in the popup that appears to finish the process.

Deleting my Reading List in Safari:

  • I’ll open Safari.
  • I’ll move my cursor over a webpage I want to save for later.
  • I’ll click the plus icon that shows up on the left to add it to my Reading List.
  • To see my Reading List, I’ll click the sidebar icon on the top left of the main menu bar and select “Reading List.”
  • If I want to go back to the regular view, I’ll simply click the sidebar icon again.

If I decide to get rid of everything in my Reading List:

  • I’ll open Safari and go to the top menu, selecting “View > Show Reading List Sidebar.”
  • I’ll double-click anywhere in the Reading List sidebar and choose “Clear All Items > Clear.”

Here are some additional tips for managing the Safari Reading List on MacBook Air:

  • Always keep in mind that any changes you make on one device will automatically sync with all your other devices connected to your iCloud account. It’s super convenient for making sure everything stays updated.
  • When you want to save a webpage to my Safari Reading List on my MacBook Air, you just move your cursor over the address bar and click the little plus icon that pops up. It’s a simple and quick way to keep a list of web pages you plan to read later.
  • For more precise control while managing your Reading List, you can use the right-click (or Ctrl-click) option on the items in your Reading List. This gives you a menu where you can choose to remove specific items when you no longer need them. It helps you keep your Reading List neat and free from unnecessary stuff.


In conclusion, managing my Safari Reading List on my MacBook Air is super simple. If I want to get rid of one thing or clear the whole list, it’s easy. Thanks to iCloud, everything connects across my devices. I love how I can save webpages quickly by just clicking a plus sign in the address bar. And if I want to tidy up, I right-click to remove stuff I don’t need. All in all, it’s a useful feature that makes my web browsing better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Reading List is a very useful feature that allows you to bookmark web articles or pages you plan to read in the future. You can collect all of them in one place so you don’t lose track. What’s great is that you can read these pages even without internet access, as long as you’ve saved them for offline reading. It’s like having your library of web content, ready for you to explore whenever you like.

Yes, you can add webpages by clicking the plus icon in the address bar in Safari.

Think of the Reading List as your online bookmark. You use it to save cool web articles that you want to read later. What’s neat is that you can add as many pages as you want and read them even when you’re not connected to the internet, as long as you’ve saved them for offline reading. It’s super convenient and lets you enjoy web articles whenever you have time.

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