Does the MacBook Air have a touch bar

Does the MacBook Air have a touch bar? (Quick Guide 2023)

The Touch Bar is a unique feature on Apple laptops that adds touch controls to important app functions. Placed along the keyboard, it responds to taps, swipes, and slides, allowing us to adjust settings, use Siri, and do tasks in different apps. Instead of regular function keys, the Touch Bar changes based on the app we’re using, offering actions like email replies or image editing tools.

It’s flexible, making user experiences better by allowing us to edit videos perfectly and choose emojis effortlessly. While the app functions differently, we’ll always have basic controls like adjusting volume and brightness, and there’s a touch-based Escape key too. So if you are thinking of buying about Macbook Air. But you didn’t know that does the Macbook Air has a touch bar or not. Then this article will be helpful for you. So keep reading this. 

Does the MacBook Air have a touch bar

Does the MacBook Air provide a Touch Bar?

No, the MacBook Air doesn’t come with a Touch Bar like other MacBook Pro models do. The Touch Bar is a unique OLED screen above the keyboard that changes based on what we’re doing. But the MacBook Air doesn’t have this feature, it has a regular keyboard with function keys. Even without the Touch Bar, the MacBook Air is still lightweight. It also has a clear Retina display and performs well—making it a popular choice for people who want a powerful and portable laptop.

What is the reason behind the absence of a touch bar on the MacBook Air?

The Macbook Air doesn’t have a touch bar because Apple wants to make each model of their laptop unique. The touch bar is found in many versions of the Macbook but, it doesn’t found in Macbook Air. After considering everything, Apple chose to view the Touch Bar project as not successful due to the issues it caused. This decision sets Apple’s focus on making things easy and valuable for users. Instead of keeping a feature that didn’t turn out the way they wanted.


In the end, the Macbook Air is unique for not having a touch bar option. Because other Macbooks have this option.  The Touch Bar makes user interactions better by providing controls that match the situation, but the MacBook Air doesn’t have it because Apple adjusts features to different laptop models. This decision highlights Apple’s point of view on keeping things simple and practical. Without the Touch Bar, the MacBook Air keeps its lightweight design, efficient performance, and impressive Retina display, making it an appealing and attractive choice for users who want a combination of capability and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The new MacBook Air with the M1 chip has a classic thin look and modern features. However, only the 13-inch MacBook Pro has a special Touch Bar for designed controls. If you like the Touch Bar, then you should go for the 13-inch MacBook Pro. The latest MacBook Air and some other models don’t include it. Apple might change its designs in the future.

No Macbook has not the feature of a touch bar. Macbook Pro 13-inch has only this feature.  

If the touch bar isn’t working right on the 2019 13″ MacBook Pro, the Keyboard Service Program for MacBooks can replace it, but only if the keyboard has a problem too. They’ll change the whole top part of the MacBook, which includes both the touch bar and the keyboard, in such cases.

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