Does the Macbook Air come with Microsoft Office

Does the Macbook Air come with Microsoft Office? (Quick Guide 2023)

Microsoft Office is a collection of computer programs made by Microsoft that help with work things like writing, math tables, and making slides. People have been using it a lot since it started.

It is very helpful for so many people. So, if you are a Macbook Air user, then you need to know if Macbook Air comes with Microsoft Office or not. If you want to know this crucial information about Microsft Office. Kindly read the whole article. I am sure you will not regret reading this. 

Does the Macbook Air come with Microsoft Office?

Briefly describe Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a set of useful tools made by Microsoft for work tasks, and it started in 1990. It has been the top choice for getting work with office documents. Bill Gates talked about it in 1988, saying it would have programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These programs have become more popular over time. 

It is helpful in such a way that it is used for checking spelling and putting data together. Microsoft Office is not just a tool, rather it is an efficient way to create business software. It comes in different versions for different uses, like for computers (Windows, Linux, macOS), online (Office Online), and phones (Android, iOS).

Does Macbook Air come with Microsoft Office pre-installed?

Fortunately, the Macbook Air is made for Mac users who want to use Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. But Microsoft Office is not already installed on a Macbook Air. When we purchase it, we can still get it by getting separate permission. Apple built-in apps like Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes also do the same function. 

To run Microsoft Office on the Macbook Air, firstly I will need to purchase it and install it separately. Microsoft gives choices like Office 365 or Office 2021 with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I can buy them from Microsoft or places they approve. Another way is I can use online options like Microsoft Office Online that work in a web browser, so I don’t have to put anything on my computer.

How can we get Microsoft Office for Macbook Air?

To get Microsoft Office for Mac, I can either subscribe or buy a license. With the subscription, I’ll have the latest Office version through Microsoft 365, which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It’s updated regularly and used to be called Office 365. Getting a license right away is more expensive., but it’s great if I only need certain Office tools like Word or Excel, especially if I don’t need all the programs in a Microsoft 365 subscription. 


In conclusion, Microsoft Office offers a helpful set of tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to make work easier. Even if it’s not already on Macbook Air, people can still get it by either purchasing a license or selecting a subscription, such as Microsoft 365. This allows Macbook Air users to use these important tools whenever they want, either all together or one at a time. All in all, Microsoft Office is really useful for getting work done better, no matter what device we’re using.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There’s no free version of Microsoft Office for Mac. It’s important to mention that while Microsoft Outlook for Mac is now free, we still need to buy the full Microsoft Office suite.

Apple Pages and Microsoft Word are different word-processing tools. Pages are liked for being easy to use and working well with Apple stuff. Microsoft Word has lots of fancy formatting and can work with many things. If you like Apple stuff, go for Pages; if you need fancy features and Office files, you should choose Word.

MacOS works perfectly with Microsoft 365, letting MacBook Air users easily use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This helps create documents quickly and access office tools for better productivity.

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