Does Macbook Air come with Word and Excel

Does Macbook Air come with Word and Excel? (Best Guide 2023)

Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are important programs in Microsoft Office Suite, made by Microsoft. They’re well-liked and widely used on Windows computers, and we can also use them on Apple computers. But, each has its benefits and purposes.

So are you curious, whether could you take advantage of MS Word and MS Excel on your Macbook Air or not? If you are a businessman or student and are extremely in need of Word and Excel but you didn’t know that your Macbook Air has already Word and excel or not. Or how will you get it? Then don’t worry your all questions will find answers through this article. 

Does Macbook Air come with Word and Excel

Define-MS Word

Microsoft Word is a powerful software developed by Microsoft for creating high-quality documents, letters, and reports across many professions. It makes editing text simple, allowing us to create content for screens and printing. It’s essential for students, big business benefits, small business freelancers, and more.

With Microsoft Word, we can make documents of different sizes without any effort. We’re free to change colors, designs, and formats according to our taste. A variety of formatting options are available to attract and enhance document appearance. There are ready-made templates to help us make documents quickly. I can use various fonts and colors to write whatever I need, from letters and cards to reports and assignments.

Define-MS Excel

Microsoft Excel, a part of Microsoft Office Suite, is a tool for making tables, and charts and doing complex math. It’s super useful for businesses to track money, create budgets, and show data. It’s like a big list-maker, good for employee stuff, tracking attendance, and making bills.

In Excel, data is written into neat rows and columns. It helps us to sort, filter, and do math easily. We can change the color of things to show what’s important. Excel can do cool tricks like VLOOKUP and character counting. It’s even good for big projects with lots of sheets in one file.

Is Microsoft Word and Excel included with the MacBook Air?

Microsoft Word and Excel are not pre-installed on the MacBook Air. To access these programs, we can get them by purchasing and installing the Microsoft Office program. This suite includes Word and Excel, allowing us to use them on MacBook Air. Alternatively, I can explore alternative word processing and spreadsheet software options available for macOS through the Mac App Store or other sources.

How to get MS Word and Excel on Macbook Air?

Here are the ways to install MS Word and Excel on Macbook Air:

  • We should Visit Microsoft’s site and sign in or create an account. We use a school or work account for Microsoft Office 365. If not, we need to buy Word or Microsoft 365.
  • Then we should click “Install Office” at the top right. This fetches the Microsoft installer file. For Word 2016 or 2013, we should choose “Services and Subscriptions,” select Word, and “Install.” And follow the given directions.
  • After that, we need to find the installer in the “Downloads” folder, possibly named “Microsoft Office Installer.pkg.” If only Word, name differs. Double-click to open. If “unidentified developer,” drag it to the desktop.
  • Open the installer, press “Continue,” agree to terms, in “Custom Install,” choose Word, and click “Install.”
  • After installation, locate Word in Launchpad or search. Then we need to open Word and follow the instructions to activate.

Another way to download MS Office is an app store. We can also search for the desired app on the Mac App Store and click “Get” to download.


In conclusion, Microsoft Word and Excel are important for making documents and tables in different jobs. Hence they are not already installed on the Macbook Air, but people could get them by purchasing and installing the Microsoft Office package. Just sign in, download, and pick what we need. We can also check out other similar apps in the Mac App Store. This guide helps MacBook Air users use Word and Excel effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To run this program, we need an active Microsoft 365 subscription. With Microsoft 365, we get advanced editions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, plus 1 TB of cloud storage in OneDrive, improved security features, and more advantages, all packaged into one convenient and helpful subscription.

We can get them from Microsoft’s website. Just sign in to the Microsoft account and follow the steps to install.

No, Microsoft Word is not available for free on MacBook Air. It requires a valid Microsoft 365 subscription or a separate purchase to use on the device.

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