Macbook Airs Waterproof

Are MacBook Airs Waterproof? (Expert’s Guidance 2023)

Did you have MacBook Air? Are you thinking of buying? Or have you bought it? In all of these conditions, one question must arises in your mind: are MacBooks waterproof or not? This is one of the most common questions that all people ask whenever they buy an electronic device. So the answer to this question about the “Are MacBook Airs Waterproof” is told in this article. Continue reading this article to get the answer of this question.

MacBook Air: Overview

The MacBook Air is the most impressive invention of the Apple company. MacBook are a popular choice among students, office workers, and many others who wants flexibility. Because MacBook is portable and very easy to carry. MacBook has many high-resolution features such as wonderful battery life, high quality, and comfortable keyboard to use, shiny metal design, and much-improved performance.

Other features of the MacBook are a powerful CPU and Dual-core processor, making it work efficiently and fastly. Its most wonderful feature is the backlit keyboard, which makes it more exceptional. Its latest automatically allows it to observe the surrounding lighting and adjust the keyboard lighting accordingly.  It can badly affect our eyes if we use the keyboard in a dark and dim light. Through this feature, we can easily see the keys clearly and use the laptop comfortably in any setting.

Is MacBook Air waterproof?

Apple has many waterproof devices like iPhones and smart watches but Macbook Air is not waterproof at all. Just like many other laptops, Macbooks are not designed to handle even tiny drops of water. Water can cause serious damage to the internal system of the Macbook. Even a very small amount of liquid such as coffee, juice, or any kind of liquid could be a major problem for a laptop. 

Why Macbook Air is not Waterproof?

MacBook Air is not waterproof because it is not designed with a waterproof feature. Macbook Air does not have protective seals and measures to prevent it from water and any kind of liquid. The internal components of the Macbook are covered by plastic and metal so, it can easily get damaged by water.

Common Liquid-Related Accidents Of Macbook Air

Hence, Macbook Air is not a waterproof device, it can cause damage. And liquid damage can occur for many reasons such as:

Accidental spills

Falling out of the different kinds of liquid on the laptop such as coffee, tea, juice, milk, etc can cause severe damage.  

Rain Disclosure

Sometimes you use the laptop outside the house like in garden and courtyard-type places without protection, and suddenly rain starts and you don’t have any cover to protect the laptop. So the drops of rainwater could be a serious hazard for a laptop. 

Wet Surfaces

 Many times you place the laptop anywhere carelessly. You don’t even check that is this place dry or wet. Through this carelessness, water can enter the laptop through the bottom surface and harm the laptop.

Protection of Macbook Air from Liquid Explore

If Macbook Air gets wet, don’t panic and take immediate action. First of all, turn off the laptop quickly. Then disconnect the charger and any external devices. And then use the absorptive thing to dry the liquid on the surface and make sure that water doesn’t enter the important parts of the laptop. 

Move the laptop to a dry place and remove the battery. And don’t turn it on until 96 hours. Contact a professional to overcome this problem. Because if you cannot take appropriate and quick action, liquid damages are very expensive to fix. 


In conclusion, it is essential to remember that Macbook Air is not waterproof and must be handled with liquid care. Accidental fallings out and exposure to water can be a reason for extreme harm to a laptop. 

But taking immediate action and professional assistance can save the Macbook from severe damage and less costly repairs. It has many revolutionary and impressive features but you just take care to save it from severe damages for its long-time and exceptional performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

If your laptop has water damage must notice signs like rust near the metal connection, a defect near the motherboard, a keyboard that feels sweaty, and a bubble under the screen. If your laptop has these signs that means your laptop has water exposure and it needs to fix the problem.  

Macbooks are repaired at affordable prices. But the damage repair cost mostly depends on the Macbook Air model. And also depends on how you handle the liquid exposure by yourself. 

Macbook Cannot bear the water spill and survive with it. Unfortunately, water can make its way to the logic board and many other working components, and eat away over time. Macbook can be functioning properly for a few days but after some days it can stop working. 

Because minerals and salts of the water spills can entirely damage and eat the metal and silicon inside the device. So it automatically stops working. 

First of all, turn off your computer and unplug the power socket and remove any connected device. Then Use a clean, soft, and lint-free cloth slightly dampened with water to wipe the screen.

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