How to close tabs on Macbook Air

How to close tabs on Macbook Air?(Quick Guide 2023)

When we use Safari and other browsers to explore the world through the internet, there are many tabs and windows open which is very confusing. It makes all things disorganized and difficult to pay attention to. But don’t worry if you’re tired of too many tabs, let’s discover some secrets to make managing them much simpler!

There are some ways through which we can make things easy. I write this article for your help. So keep reading this to solve your problem. 

How to close tabs on Macbook Air

Why would we close tabs?

Closing tabs is very important to keep the browser organized and efficient. When too many tabs are open above the eye, it is very difficult for everyone to find what they want.

By closing tabs, we can free up some storage on the laptop and improve the device’s performance. It makes our screens less crowded so we think more. Closing tabs can also keep our secrets about where have we been on the internet and which sites we visited.

How can we close tabs on Macbook Air?

Here’s how to close tabs and windows in Safari on Macbook Air:

  1. For  Close Individual Tabs:
  • We should move the mouse over a tab, and then click the ‘Close’ button (an ‘x’ icon) on the left side of the tab.
  1. For Close Multiple Tabs:
  • We should right-click a tab we want to keep open and choose ‘Close Other Tabs’ to close the rest.
  • Then, we’ll right-click a tab and select ‘Close Tabs to the Right’ to shut all tabs on the right side.
  • We’ll also use the keyboard shortcut: By holding down the Command (⌘) key and pressing W to close the tab we’re on.

3. For Close All Tabs:

  • We’ll right-click a tab and choose ‘Close Other Tabs’ to keep only that tab.

4. For Keyboard shortcut:

  • In this method, we’ll hold Command and press W repeatedly to close tabs one by one or hold both Command and W to quickly close all tabs at once.

5. For Closing Windows:

  • To close a window, we should simply click the red ‘Close’ button in the top-left corner.
  • We can also use the keyboard shortcut Command + Option + W to close all open windows.
  • In the menu bar, we’ll go to File > Close Window or File > Close All Windows to shut down windows.

These methods work not only in Safari but also in other browsers and app windows on the Mac. We should be careful when using the shortcut to close all windows, as it might close everything in an application.


In conclusion, having lots of open tabs and windows while browsing can be confusing and make us lose focus. But we can fix this on the Macbook Air. Closing tabs is like cleaning up the online room – it helps the browsing work better, our computer runs well, and our secrets stay safe. The cool tricks I talk about in this article, like closing tabs one by one or all together, also work in Safari and other browsers. So, whether you use Safari or something else, these tips will help you to keep your online data secure and neat. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When you’re using the internet or searching for things, it’s better to avoid having too many open windows on your computer. Instead, you can look at many web pages all at once in just one Safari window. You do this by using tabs, which are like little organizers for your web pages.

Inside the Safari program on the Mac, we can decide how web pages, links, and tabs work in Safari windows. To change these choices, we can go to the Safari menu at the top and pick Preferences. Then, we’ll click on the Tabs option. We get to choose if we want to keep tabs in a special bar or move them to the toolbar at the top.

If we’re using a Mac computer, we can close the tab we’re looking at by pressing Command + W. This is like a shortcut to quickly close the tab we’re using.

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