How to back up MacBook Air

How to back up MacBook Air? (Quick Guide 2023)

We should also take care of our digital data, just like we are overprotected by our physical things. If I have very important papers, documents, and pictures that are precious to me and they are all on my computer. And suddenly some accidents occur to my computer, and sometimes the computer stops working. Then my all data will be lost. 

That’s why backups are crucial in this kind of situation.  This article guides you on how to take back up on Macbook Air to copy and protect your digital data in case of emergencies. 

How to back up MacBook Air

Why should we do Backup?

Backing up the MacBook Air is super important for some really big reasons. Just think about spills or if our computer suddenly stops working – having a backup can help fix those problems. And if our macbook gets stolen by someone, then backup is the lifesaver of our data. 

Additionally, if the data is deleted by some malware and virus, then backup is also very useful in this situation. When we update our Mac’s software, a backup guarantees that we’re safe if something goes wrong. We can also get old files through backup. And if we change our Macbook to another model, backups make moving everything easy. They also help us if our hard drive has big problems and allow us to get back files from the past.

How can I create a backup for my MacBook Air?

Here are some steps and ways through which we can easily take backup on Macbook Air:

By using a Time Machine:

  • I will connect an external storage device (like a USB drive) to the MacBook Air. I will also confirm that it has more space than the MacBook’s storage.
  • The MacBook asks if I want to use this device for backups. If not, I can set it up manually.
  • For new macOS versions like Big Sur, go to System Settings > General > Time Machine. For older versions, go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Time Machine.
  • We should pick the connected external drive as a backup place. We could be asked to secure our backup for added protection.
  • Time Machine will start doing backups automatically – every hour for a day, daily for a month, and weekly after that.
  • We can also manually start a backup by choosing “Back Up Now” from the Time Machine menu.
  • We should keep the external drive connected so the Time Machine can do its job. This method saves different versions of our files, which is helpful if we need older copies.

By Making a Clone:

  • Another way is to create a clone of the MacBook’s hard drive. This is like making an exact copy of everything.
  • Software like Disk Drill or SuperDuper! helps with this. We download and install the software.
  • We should connect an external drive with enough space.
  • Also, follow the software’s steps to create the clone. This may take some time.
  • Thus, a clone is like another copy of the MacBook. It can be useful for getting back lost data or as a full backup.

Final thoughts

In short, backing up is like creating a special copy of our important data on the computer.  So, if our computer ever stops working or gets lost, these copies, called backups, can save our data. They’re also like a shield against viruses that harm our data. These backups even help us when we want to get a new computer or make our current one better. 

Tools like Time Machine can make these copies for you automatically, and you can also make extra identical copies, which are called clones, just to be extra safe. That’s why taking backup is crucial in such a way that you feel relaxed because your data is secured. 

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

For the confirmation of the safety of my data, it’s a good idea to regularly make copies of my Mac’s important files. The easiest way to do this is by using Time Machine, a feature that’s already on  Mac. With Time Machine, I can create copies of my apps, accounts, settings, things like music, photos, and videos, and all my documents. But we should remember that Time Machine doesn’t make copies of the main part of the computer called the macOS system.

To make sure everything works well, your backup drive should be around twice as at least twice the size of the data you’re copying from your computer. If the backup drive isn’t big enough for all the things you want to copy, Time Machine will let us know in advance.

The simplest and cheapest option is probably to use Time Machine, which is a free backup program made by Apple.

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